Maverick X3 Shift-Tek ULTIMATE Clutch Packages
Maverick X3 Shift-Tek ULTIMATE Clutch Packages

Maverick X3 Shift-Tek ULTIMATE Clutch Packages

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Clutch Kit
Add Clutch Service Tools?

Please see images to determine which clutch kit is correct for your application.


Evolution Powersports Shift-Tek line of advanced clutching components are designed to deliver maximum performance adjustability and versatility. Select the clutch kit from the dropdown below that corresponds to the engine power level of your X3. All clutch kits include a primary spring, 6 weights, billet adjustable helix w/ billet bearing housing, non-marring tip for the OEM belt changing tool and billet sheave/belt holder to help adjust the billet helix. High horsepower setups also include a secondary spring which provides additional belt grip. Both trail and sand setups can be achieved with the components provided in each clutch kit due to the wide range of adjustability the Shift-Tek clutch kits allow. Detailed instruction are included with each clutch kit to guide the installer to a proper setup for most tire selections and riding styles. What this means for the consumer is that there is now a thoroughly tested clutch kit available to work in conjuction for your specific Evolution Powersports tune!


ST-205 190-205 HP SAND OR TRAIL
ST-220 205-220 HP SAND OR TRAIL
ST-235 225-235 HP SAND OR TRAIL
ST-260 235-260 HP SAND OR TRAIL
ST-280 250-280 HP SAND OR TRAIL
ST-325 310-325 HP SAND OR TRAIL


Be sure to add in clutch service tools for kits for proper installation! A must for maintenance too!


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