2021+ Maverick X3 Turbo RR ECU Tuning (Early and Late Models)

2021+ Maverick X3 Turbo RR ECU Tuning (Early and Late Models)

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Evolution Powersports ECM tuning is a cost effective way to get HUGE power gains from your X3.


As most know, the late model 2021 and all 2022 RR ECU’s have the latest generation encryption/anti-tuning security. Bosch has incorporated a 2048 RSA encryption key which is not able to be cracked at this time. Rather than trying to resolve the encryption key directly, the engineers at Evolution Powersports attacked the security module which is responsible for verifying the RSA key. It took nearly a year, but through our hard work and dedication we developed a solution that allows us to unlock the post October 2020 MG1C ECUs. Once unlocked with our proprietary process, the ECU is able to be tuned via Bench Flash just like the early model 2021 X3RR vehicles.

Due to the hands-on proprietary process, initially there is LIMITED AVAILABILITY for this unlock service. We are only able to process 5 ECU’s in our WI facility at a time due to the labor-intensive nature of the unlocking procedure. After your purchase is confirmed, you will be put on into our Late-Model '21 and 2022 RR Unlock Queue', in chronological order. The entire process can take up to 3 weeks after the ECU is received in WI, but in most cases will take less than our current stated lead time. As we streamline this ECU Unlock process further, we will be able handle a larger volume of ECU's with shorter lead times.

The late model 2021/2022 X3RR unlock service is handled differently than our previous Send-In Bench ECU Flash process. We are now booking appointments and your ECU cannot be sent in until your appointment is available. Our friendly staff will reach out to you directly when we are ready to receive your ECU.

We are still working on a less labor-intensive process which, when ready, may lower the unlock cost and lead time. However, due to the highly technical nature, there is no ETA as to when this will be ready. Our EVP ECU Unlock service is currently the quickest (and only) way to tune the late model '21/'22 X3RR MG1C ECU's.

After Flashing and the EVP ECU Unlock is performed, the Can Am Diagnostic Software Tool (BUDs tool used by Dealers) will NOT be able to flash the ECU. This is by design so that the dealer cannot relock the ECU. All other Buds functions will still work. After the unlock is performed and you install your ECU into the vehicle, you will need to reset the maintenance reminder on the dash. This can be done by navigating to the “settings menu”, then “reset maintenance” and holding down the center button on the keypad for 5 seconds.


Below are the available tuning options:




Stage 3R-91 - 219 horsepower, 91 octane

Stage 3R-93 - 226 horsepower, 93 octane

Stage 4 X100 - 255 horsepower, 100 octane (includes injectors and injector adapters)

Stage 5 X85 - 260 horsepower, E85 (includes, injectors, injector adapters, and fuel pump)


Clutching upgrades HIGHLY recommended!


Check out our listings for Evo clutch kits to get a matched setup for your power level!

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