Maptuner X for Maverick X3

Maptuner X for Maverick X3

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Maptuner X is a consumer hand held ECU flashing device similar to many diesel programmers on the market except with more capability.  With it, you can flash your own ECU via the touch screen interface and included cabling.  The cable plugs into the OEM diagnostic port.  


With Maptuner X, you can install the same proven EVP programs.  Not only that, Maptuner X has live datalogging capability, DTC Reading/Reset and many other features.  It is also compatible with most Polaris, BRP and Yamaha vehicles meaning you only need one device to tune many vehicles! (additional vehicle tunes must be purchased).  You can return your vehicle back to stock at any time!  Stages 1-3 Programs are included in the price.


2017-2020 (2017 includes fuel pump)


Available stages:

Stages 1-3R (included)

Stage 3R requires a cat-bypass pipe

Wastegate crack pressure adjustment needed for "R" tunes


Stage 3RWi (includes wastegate actuator and injectors) 93 octane required

Stage 4RWi (includes wastegate actuator and injectors) 95 octane required

Stage 5RWi (includes wastegate actuator and injectors) E85 required


2020 RR


Available stages:

Stages 1-3R (included)

Stage 4 X100 -  includes fuel injectors / injector adpators - 100 octane (245 horsepower)

Stage 5 - includes fuel injectors / injector adpators - E85 (245 horsepower)

Stage 5 X85 - Includes fuel injectors / injector adpators + fuel pump/relay - E85 (255 horsepower)




-All MapTuner X features included for FREE (DTC code reading, live monitoring, flight recorder, and ECU history reset) normally a $125 option!

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