Maverick R ECU Tuning by Evolution Powersports
Maverick R ECU Tuning by Evolution Powersports

Maverick R ECU Tuning by Evolution Powersports

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Evolution Powersports ECM tuning is only way to tune your Maverick R ECU

  • Cold start/idle fixed - engine starts and idles like it should!
  • Massive power gains
  • Speed limits raised
  • TQ limits removed
  • Engine cooling fan On/Off temps lowered to turn the fan on at lower temperature, keeping the engine cooler.
  • Intercooler fan operation revised to turn on as soon as the vehicle receives any throttle input while in gear. This way you don’t have to listen to the fans at idle while still maximizing cooling without the added expense of a fan override. Having the ECU control this functionality in a refined way is always best rather than having to turn the fan on or off manually.
  • Transmission fan operation is revised to come on at a lower temperature than stock. This keeps the DCT fluid cooler than stock, but doesn't risk it becoming too cold. The transmission is designed to operate within a certain temperature range. A fan override switch not only adds additional expenses, but when left on it can cool the fluid temperatures too far below operating temperature, which may lock the vehicle out of certain functions and/or limit power. Having the ECU control this function is always best to keep the transmission within its correct operational range.
  • Rev Limit Increased for longer pulls and higher top speeds
  • Improved overall power delivery, more consistent power in warm climates
  • Improved throttle response
  • Enhanced boost response and boost pressure for more power
  • Integrated 2-Foot Braking: Gas and brake at the same time
  • Software is Based on the latest Can-Am software update

The “pops and bangs” option occurs on decel. This allows the driver to create a backfire pop through the exhaust while shooting flames out of the exhaust pipe.

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