RZR Pro R EVO Paragon Turbo kit
RZR Pro R EVO Paragon Turbo kit
RZR Pro R EVO Paragon Turbo kit
RZR Pro R EVO Paragon Turbo kit
RZR Pro R EVO Paragon Turbo kit
RZR Pro R EVO Paragon Turbo kit
RZR Pro R EVO Paragon Turbo kit

RZR Pro R EVO Paragon Turbo kit

Regular price$10,990.00

Power level

If you're interested in a turbo kit please email me at sxsblogparts@gmail.com before purchasing so we can discuss the best kit for you.


Starting at $10,990


Paragon turbochargers are built to the highest standards. The rotating assemblies are VSR balanced at over 100,000 RPMs, which provides stability and durability at high boost. The exhaust housings are ceramic coated to maintain exhaust velocity and keep radiant heat in check. Each compressor wheel is color anodized for style, durability, and easy identification. The compressor housings are powder coated to maintain their appearance no matter what you put your SXS through. Lastly, every Paragon turbocharger is serialized and carries an industry exclusive 1-year warranty.

A CodeShooter Flashing Device is required for all turbo systems


P54-330 TURBO SYSTEM: $10,990
91 Octane Tune File, 330 HP

  • EVP Paragon 54 Black Turbocharger Assembly
  • EVP Pro R Turbocharger Header
  • EVP Pro R Downpipe & Muffler
  • EVP RZR Pro R Triple-Fan Intercooler Kit
  • EVP RZR Pro R Paragon Charge Tube Kit
  • EVP RZR Pro R P54 Air Intake Kit
  • EVP RZR Pro R Coolant Tank Relocation Kit
  • EVP RZR Pro R BOV Kit
  • Bosch 3 Bar MAP Sensor
  • RZR Pro R Turbosmart External Wastegate>
  • RZR Pro R 1300cc Dynamics ID1300X2 Injector (set of 4)
  • EVP RZR Pro R Catch Can Kit
  • EVP Pro R Turbo Bench Power Flash 

P54-400 TURBO SYSTEM: $12,990
91 & 110 Octane Tune Files, 330/400 HP

  • Everything in P54-330 System PLUS:
  • EVP Pro R Turbo Integrated Boost Control Kit 

P54-450 TURBO SYSTEM: $13,990
91 & 110 Octane Tune Files, 350/450 HP

  • Everything in P54-330 & P54-400 Systems PLUS:
  • EVP RZR Pro R Head Shim Kit


  • 54mm compressor with appropriately sized 68mm turbine for instantaneous spooling and insane top-end power
  • Powder-coated compressor cover with billet insert and black anodized compressor wheel
  • Inconel turbine wheel
  • CNC-ported inlet cover helps prevent turbo surge and maximize efficiency
  • Assembled with TiAL stainless exhaust housing for excellent turbo response and durability under high temperatures
  • Ceramic ball bearing CHRA for instant spool, long life, and high durability under extreme boost pressure
  • Turbosmart GenV 40mm external wastegate
  • Manifold is made from 347 schedule 40 stainless steel vs more common 304, delivering exceptional durability and heat absorption for off-road applications
  • All P54 kits include EVP Pro R Turbo Exhaust System designed specifically for these systems, handcrafted and TIG-welded from 304 stainless in the U.S.A.
  • OEM-style intercooler fan control (RPM- & IAT-based control), resulting in zero battery drain or unnecessary fan usage
  • P54-400 & P54-450 Systems feature EVP’s Fully Integrated Boost Control, meaning the factory ECU has full control of boost pressure thus eliminating the need to change wastegate springs or add/adjust external controllers
  • Industry exclusive 1-year limited warranty

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