RZR Razorback Belt Cooling Fan
RZR Razorback Belt Cooling Fan

RZR Razorback Belt Cooling Fan

Regular price$450.00

RZR Model

Requires a Razorback 3.2 belt temp gauge to function.

3.2 belt temp gauge can be found here



We've been testing this on Leo's X3 for months with great results!


The Razorback Belt Cooling Fan Kit is a smart temperature control system for the CVT clutch belt for your UTV. Push for greater performance than ever knowing your belt will stay at the optimum temperature for long life. The fan is designed to push 2-3x more air than other belt cooling fans due to the smart temperature control that only uses full power when needed. This is the only belt cooling system in the industry with built-in infrared technology, which can read true belt surface temps regardless of air temperature. Stock air temp sensors get it wrong as soon as air starts moving, but infrared stays true. This puts you in control of your true belt temp for maximum performance lifespan.

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