RZR Turbo-Turbo S-Pro XP 2 Step Launch Control Upgrade
RZR Turbo-Turbo S-Pro XP 2 Step Launch Control Upgrade

RZR Turbo-Turbo S-Pro XP 2 Step Launch Control Upgrade

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For RZR Turbo/Turbo S/Pro XP/Turbo R!


Tired of turbo lag when you're lined up with your buddies!?  Get rid of it.  


Take the holeshot EVERY TIME!  This tuning feature is available for the OEM ecu EXCLUSIVELY from Evolution Powersports and allows you to build boost on the line for consistent and explosive launches. You MUST have an Evolution Powersports tune to utilize this feature! Please see tuning options for tunes that can be used in conjunction with this feature!


Simply hold the brake and gas pedal down together, then release the brake pedal to leave your competition in the dust. 


This feature will not be available anywhere else, so if you haven't joined the Evo team, now is the time.

EVP tune is required for launch control to function

NOTE: Your clutch engagement RPM MUST be at or above the launch control RPM that you select. Please see our Evolution Powersports clutch kit options if you have stock clutching. 


Also available for XP Turbo/S EVAP models equipped with EVP Dynomite turbo systems (EVAP models have a fuel pump control module located behind the drivers seat near the ECM, mostly found on west coast vehicles. Shown in picture). Please E-Mail for purchasing


For mail - in tunes - we will contact you with shipping address for ECM and verification of existing tune


For Maptuner - please provide Maptuner username and VIN in order notes.


For CodeShooter - please provide the device serial number in order notes.

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